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Animal communication is a way to find out exactly what an animal, any  species, is thinking and feeling. I am able to connect with the animal  on an  individual level --feeling and seeing inside for health and  emotional  information, and "talking" with the being to get his  perspective and  story. I work by distance, so location isn't an issue  and I can help  anyone connect in a deeper, healthier way.

This  has multiple  applications, including letting the animal know about  familial changes  (break-ups, new additions, moving), helping with  behavior issues, finding lost animals, identifying/understanding medical  issues, getting the back story from a  rescue, finding out how/why an  animal passed over, and providing   closure from a passed animal’s  departure.

I also communicate with humans for various reasons, including helping to find clarity, connecting with passed loved ones, and finding missing people. Contact me for details. 

Energy Work


 I do healing energy work with humans in person and by distance, and  animals by distance  helping people and animals who had few or no viable options from mainstream  health care to live happy, comfortable lives, and in  cases of senior  care to live with dignity and quality of life beyond  expectations. The  energy balances and heals the emotional, the physical, and the  connection to the Universal energy by gently releasing pain from the past and  correcting challenges, imbalances, and illnesses from the  present. 

It's also great for stress reduction and eliminating addictions. 


Truman with mouse

"After  our sweet Truman moved on, it's taken a tough month to get  around to  sharing our amazing communicator/healer's information. On  several  occasions we have used Fredricka's keen intuitive gifts to help  guide  us in decisions for the well-being of our animal companions. In a  very  caring & compassionate approach, Fredricka is also very direct  in  advocating in the best interest of your pet. We have so appreciated  her  clear and concise suggestions to take under whatever circumstances."   DD, South Carolina  

"Before you spoke  to Sara we knew she seemed depressed and sad. We figured it  was  because she had lost her buddy, Kiowa during the winter. We also  feared  she didn’t understand that there was nothing that could be done  to  save her; Sara might have thought we would get rid of her as well.  Yes,  she misses Kiowa (English Mastiff) but said she understood and  didn’t  know why we thought she did not…she also missed having her pretty   scarves. I had forgotten we used to put them on her. Since the session   Sara is livelier, more playful. When I take her scarf off, I must hurry   to get her clean one on or she will attempt to get into the previous   scarf. We have our ‘old’ Sara back. Thank you, Fredricka " LJ, Indiana

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