About Fredricka


How I Started

I have communicated with animals and people all of my life, but I didn't  recognize this skill until one of my cats was passing. I contacted an  animal  communicator to find out how I could help my beloved Puck pass  more easily, and the experience was so profound that I decided to  investigate further. I took an animal communication workshop and  afterwards realized that I had been communicating  on a deep telepathic,  intuitive, and empathic level since I could remember. I didn't  know  that others weren't receiving the information that I was!

Because animal communication has had such a profound affect on my relationship  with my animals, I decided to help other people and their animal companions. Since then, I have communicated with a wide variety of   species, including, sheep, dogs, cats, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, and rescued elephants in Thailand and Cambodia I started working with animals, living and passed, and then added  communicating with passed people, reading living people via distance, and helping to  find missing  people. 

Communication isn't simply about "talking" with other species, as some might suspect, it includes being able to accurately feel and see into other beings'  physical and psychological conditions, along with blending into their connection in the Universe. It's not a mysterious process, although it may sound weird to some, it's a natural part of who I am.

As for energy work, that's a long story full of illness and tangents, so there is a detailed blog post entitled 'My Path to Energy Work' if you're interested.


My Process

I can communicate without photos or the animal, but I use photos more  often. It's so easy for me to pick up information that I want to be sure I'm getting the animal's perspective and not going through the human's filters about the animal. I like photos where I can see the eyes open and at least part of the body. I look at the photo and can feel what the animal is feeling physically and emotionally, while seeing disease and  imbalances.This happens before I start actually communicating with the  animal-I call it pre-communication. At this stage the animal can feel the love and profound respect I have for all animals and she has access to the same information I have with her, so we develop a basis of trust  and openness.Therefore, when we communicate, which is a two-way  exchange, the animal is relaxed and comfortable. 


Testiimonial from an International Client

"We had an issue with our dog Bolt annoying behavior, marking at  home.We have tried so many things neither of them workout until we met   Fredricka.

Often people look skeptical and they don’t believe into things, which can’t be touched, smelled, heard or have any scientific explanation.  Especially when it comes to other people ability to hear and feel  differently then others. Each of us has endless possibilities, which are buried deep inside and if we don’t dig in peace  and silence we never  know our true abilities.

Fredricka is the one who uses her unique gift to communicate through Universe and it really works.

 Our example proves that she can feel and get messages from our dog. She told many things, which are very specific to our dog only, what he likes to do, and what he doesn’t like, his feelings. Also she told  about his health and things we have to be aware of. His marking issue has been solved in one session. Already 4 month passed by and not any  issue, not  any marking at home.

Our son was skeptical about session, but  when he heard from Fredricka that Bolt told her that he disappeared from  his life. He was very surprised. The thing was that when he comes after school, close the door and spent time in his rooms.He admitted that it is his big  mistake and now he tries to spend more time with Bolt, play with him,  talk to him.
We all realized, that it seems a small thing for us, but for dog it means a world.

After the session we have a deeper relationship, I think we better understand each other. We pet and praise him for many things he does right, so he doesn’t need to get attention from bad behavior. There is more trust in between us. And I think that he finally admitted that he is a family member (part of the pack) as Fredricka gave him a message that we love him and miss him very much while we are away. From now on Bolt always looks deep into eyes with love and appreciation.

Thank you very much
Happy Family Bolt, Daina, Arvis & Lukas"