Animal Communication and Reading People via Distance

People sometimes have difficulty understanding how I can get exactly the same information from an animal or person in a photograph as in person. Because animal communication is telepathic, intuitive, and empathic, it  really doesn't make a difference-I don't simply work with the part of the animal you see. I love to be able to be with the animal in person,  but that's because I love animals not because it's necessary. Using  photographs allows the animal to be comfortable and focused, which  results in clear, specific communication without human interference. I work by appointment only, and I work with living and passed animals of any species. 


I have clients around the United States and Canada, as well as other  countries around the world, including Thailand, Japan, and Korea. I use  Skype or FaceTime to work with international clients.

For details about how to set up a session, please go to the FAQs page or click the Getting Started button below. And feel free to contact me at any time for any reason.

Energy Work with Humans In Person

Gentle but potent sessions in person which provide calm energy, greater  clarity, and vibrant well-being. I work with the energy and form a  psychic connection which provides insight and balance. Clients remain  clothed, other than shoes, and I don't touch the physical body. It's different from my  communication with non-humans because I don't probe for information-whatever needs to come up does in a safe, comfortable  environment. Great for stress relief, physical and emotional pain,  disease, and so much more. Sessions are approximately 90- minutes.  

Energy Work with Non-Humans and Humans via Distance

I use the  same energy as with in person humans but via distance and without the psychic component. I suggest having a communication session prior to starting  energy work with animals. Energy sessions are shorter than in person, but three times a week for optimal effect. Payment is by the month. 

Communication with Passed Humans

This can be incredibly cathartic for people grieving for their loved ones,  for saying something left unsaid, for  asking questions, or finding out how their loved ones are. It's a similar process to my animal  communication, so I use photographs to ensure clear communication with those passed. It's emotional for clients, but it's a very  effective way to find comfort, relief, and closure.

Please contact me for information regarding my work with missing people