Session Info and Payments

Communication 30-minutes

Session for 1 human or non-human living or passed, $60

Communication 45-minutes

More in-depth session than the basic half hour, human or non-human, living or passed, $90

Communication 60-minutes

In depth session for one or basic session for two, human or non-human, living or passed, $110 

Energy Sessions, Animal

Four weeks of energy sessions, three sessions per week for one animal, $110 

Energy Sessions, Human

Single session, 90 minutes, $75 

10 Energy Sessions, Human

10 sessions for the price of 9. No expiration date, use weekly, monthly, whenever, $650

12 Monthly Communication Sessions

12 months of 1 half hour session per month for the price of 10 sessions. Stay on top of current issues or avoid them altogether, $600

Communication Payments

Energy Work Payments

Specials and Other Payments