Why do I need an animal communicator?

Even people who feel they know their animals well always learn something   new about them after a communication session. I've heard  multiple  times how the relationship between human and animal has deepened in  ways unimagined before. And there's always a solution to challenges,including cats or dogs pottying in inappropriate places, finding lost animals, aggressive behavior, understanding illness, and  familial changes..I can also get the history of rescued animals, and that  can be invaluable to understanding present reactions and habits.  Communication doesn't lump animals into a group, but rather allows me to  work with each animal as an individual.   

How long should a session be?

That depends on the situation and the animal. For initial sessions, I  ask at least 30 minutes per animal-the more  time I have with each  animal, the more information exchanged. If you have a long list of questions or things you'd like explained, I'll need an hour. There needs to be some time for the animal to bring up things you didn't think about. Horses are highly sensitive and emotional beings, so in my experience it's best to give them an hour for an initial session if  possible (elephants, too, by the way! Yes, I had the privilege of  working with rescued elephants a number of years ago). To address a  challenge with any animal, such as urinating outside of the litter box  or over-enthusiastic barking or biting, I'll need at least half an hour  dedicated to adjusting the behavior. It's possible in these  cases that  another session will be required because these behaviors  become  habitual. Could you quit smoking or give up coffee or alcohol  with one  half hour session? Oftentimes one session does the trick. but I  like to  prepare people that it may take more time.  

Where do I start to set up an appointment?

You can contact me at any time, but here's what I'll need emailed for a basic session:with an animal or human Via distance:
1. Your phone number so I can call you at the appointed time/day after having finished the session
2. A photo or two (please no more! my inbox gets very full)  showing the face with eyes open and at least part of the body, identified by his name
3. The approximate age and how long you've had him. If he has passed, let  me know when he passed and how old he was (approximately-I don't need  exact  dates). Yes, pleaee provide the approximate age for a human reading
4. Briefly why you want me to communicate with your  animal-do you need me to check on a health problem? Is she acting strangely? Is she pottying outside of the litter box? do you want her  background info? do you just want to hear what she has to say?, do you  need a health check?, etc. Don't assume that a topic will be brought up  by the animal-what you think is a problem may not be interpreted that  way, even if the chosen solution is something you hate. Or if the being has passed, that animal or human has a different perspective on life and may not feel the need to mention it, so let me know if there's  something you want me to address
5. Let me know if you need the  appointment to be during the day or in the evening. Remember that I am on EST, so please let me know if you are in a different time zone. 

The info I like for passed humans and living human readings is essentially the same. Please contact me prior to  emailing details for a session with a missing person 

Once I have the  above info we can set up an appointment. Please pay for the session at or prior to that point.I work with the being on the  day of our appointment and then call you at our appointed time.That way,  I don't pick up anything from you and the session is clean. You know what you think-you don't need me picking that stuff up, which is easy  for me to do. You want me to get the info you don't know or you're not  clear about from the animal or person, so this is the most effective way  to ensure th

Do you do parties?

Yes! I'll do a question and answer session about how I use animal  communication and how it can be an invaluable component in your animals'  care, and then I'll do 15 or 30 minute sessions with your guests'  animals, living or passed. Guests can bring photos so your home isn't a  total disaster. Contact me for details. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! I offer half hour and hour gift certificates. Make sure to email me  the name of the person you're giving it to (I don't need their animal's information for the certificate) and the amount of time you've paid  for-you can use the payment methods on the Payments page. Once you''ve  paid, I'll email a certificate. The recipient can contact me and set up the appointment. Gift certificates are good for one year.