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An Act of Dog

A memorial to the millions of shelter  dogs put down in America. Heartbreaking, poignant, and truly beautiful

Kats by Kelly

Wonderfully  creative, funny note cards, calendars, and gifts, beautiful quality, and so spot-on about cats without indulging in untrue, harmful  stereotypes 

Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine

Having  been seriously ill and now being seriously healthy, I'm obsessed with  keeping myself and my family healthy. Each bite of food can make us  healthier or sicker-there's no in-between. Rudy Green's is a small but  growing company that shares this philosophy, and it's my favorite dog  food on the market-just heat it up and put it on top of a high quality  kibble. I highly recommend it for all beloved dogs out there.The only downside to this company is that they don't make cat food (but I've started a begging campaign with the owner of the company!)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Research, programs, and education for those who want to live a healthier, happier  life, along with campaigns to stop animal abuse. Designed for all levels, so don't be afraid of the name.

Harry's Razors

Marketed  to men, but the best razor I've ever had so it's definitely not limited to men. All vegan-I make my own skin care products so I haven't tried theirs, but even the strips on the blades are vegan. The company is also  eco-friendly and human-friendly. All around great company with a great  product! 

Kallie & Co.

Unique,  fair trade, vegan, ethically made shoes, purses, and silver jewelry.  All of my shoes now come from this company because they're wonderful to  look at, they hold up to my wear and tear (I am not kind to shoes-I live!) and they are oh-so-comfortable to wear. Plus, this company  founded by and made up of military spouses donates money to help soldiers and their families in need and it donates shoes to women in Uganda who have never had a new pair of shoes. And yes, there's more! The company also supports women everywhere to empower them as capable individuals who want to contribute their skills and talents and be respected for that. The company calls itself a "not-just-for-profit"  company, and the founder, Nadia, whose kindness comes through in the  online conversations I've had with her, is making certain that that's  not just a slogan. This is a seriously great company with seriously  great products.

Not exclusively vegan, but offer vegan options


Best Nature Cosmetic



I found this shop on Etsy and now I purchase all my essential oils, carrier oils, and the like from this store. They also have pet shampoo  and neem oil for natural, safe animal health-i especially appreciate the neem oil for my cats' ears and insect relief, since essential oils are  so harmful for cats. Everything is cold-pressed and alive for potency  and effectiveness-I have found the quality to be excellent, and the shop  owner is wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable about her products. I have been ordering through Etsy and even though the shop is in Canada  and I am in the US, the shipping is less than places I've tried in the US plus the delivery time averages less than a week. I can't say enough  good things about this shop and the owner! 


I've simplified and continue to simplify my life, including possessions , home decor, and clothing, and when I purchase something I want my money  to support a healthy, cruelty free, compassionate, eco lifestyle. People selling on Etsy are aligned with that. I've been delighted with the quality of my purchases and have found everything from the basics to the unique

Thrive Market

Organic and non-GMO food from green companies, plus essentials for healthy living-I LOVE the Himalayan salt lamps from them!-and it's all at a discount with free delivery on orders of $49+ for a low yearly membership fee. Worth every penny, and for every membership they donate one to a low-income family. Plus my cats love the recycled boxes and shipping paper, see my Portia modeling her box! Everyone wins with this company. 

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

I recently invested in safe cookware after searching for a long time and  reading a lot of conflicting reviews. Ceramcor publishes their annual-international and US-safety test results on their corporate  website and consistently excels when it comes to safety standards. I had no idea what a relief this was until I started using my pots, teapot, and wok. Love the design and the brick red tops (my color choice-there are others) and have had no problems with cleaning or the weight. Read  and follow the directions and use lower heat than with other kinds of  cookware. I can't say enough good things about this stuff!